2nd March

1904 Dr Seuss born

Texas Independence Day (see 22 November for general America or try some Tex-Mex recipes)

Other events that might inspire your play today:

  • Omizu-Okuri (Japanese Buddhist water-carrying festival, where river water is carried to the temple)
  • Burma Peasants Day (politicians discuss how to improve the lives of peasants, or farmers, and there are fairs of traditional crafts)
  • Victory of Adwa (celebrates Ethiopia defeating Italy in 1896)
  • Jamahiriya Day (Libya’s People’s Power Day, because Gadaffi liked to pretend he let the people rule themselves).

28th March

Easter Monday (2016): traditionally a day for rolling Easter eggs in races, or also sprinkling people with holy water blessed yesterday at church. In Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic this has devolved into Wet Monday, where boys wake up girls by throwing a bucket of water over them and hitting them on the legs with sticks.

Commemoration of Sen no Rikyu, founder of the Japanese tea ceremony – so have a tea party:

Dollshouse version:


Fairy version:


Or make mint tea or chamomile tea if you have it in the garden; and make it the sun tea way if it’s nice out.

Libya British Evacuation Day  – see 23rd October