14th September

1741 Handel completes his ‘Messiah

1995 Body Worlds opes in Tokyo

Hindi Day (language formally adopted by Indian parliament, 1949) – find out your name here.

Battle of San Jacinto (Nicaragua, 1856) – see 19th July.


14th June

US Flag Day (adopted 1777)… this looks a lot of fun:

Liberation Day (Falklands, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, from Argentina, 1982)

The Falklands may have originally been occupied by Patagonians but apparently when Europeans arrived it was deserted. English Captain John Strong was the first European to discover it in 1690. The French built Port Louis there in 1764, and the Brits built Port Egmont two years later, perhaps without knowing about each other.

Spain took the Falklands from France in 1766 then discovered the British port and, to avoid war, handed it to the Brits in 1771. British and Spanish settlements then co-existed on the island. Three years later the Brits left, but left a plaque saying it still belonged to them.The Spanish side became mainly a prison camp.

Then Buenos Aires (Argentina’s capital) claimed it, but in 1832 the Brits came back to kick them out. The Brits left again after, but as this caused more tension, they came back later to settle the island. It became an important point to reach the Antarctic.


It has been occupied by the Spanish, French and Argentinians, but Britain claimed it in 1833. There are fewer than 3,000 native Falklanders living there, most of whom had British ancestors, and are British citizens.


End of Ramadan (2018)

Muslims put on their best clothes, celebrate the end of their month-long fast and generally feel grateful about life. They are also encouraged on this day to forgive and forget any differences with others or animosities that may have occurred during the year; they show happiness, give to charity, and until they’ve done their big prayer (called the Eid Salaat) they try not to chit-chat with others and just focus on thinking about Allah. Then they visit family, have a big feast and often swap prezzies. Traditional foods for this festival around the world include baklava (Tunisia), Fata, Kahk (Egypt), halva (Pakistan, Somalia), Jelabi, Shor-Nakhut and Cake wa Kolcha (Afghanistan), ketupat, dodol, opor, rendang, lemang (South East Asia), Shai Mai (Burma), samosas (Bengali). In India girls henna their hands. See if you can spot the new moon. Cook an Eid feast. Make henna patterns on your hands.

14th January

1886 Hugh Lofting born, author of Dr Doolittle

Orthodox New Year

Gujurat/Jaipur Kite Festival – so go fly a kite!

Pongal is a celebration of the end of the harvest in South India – if the weather is nice out, why not make a Pongal Kolam pattern in flour (rice flour for authenticity) outside your house to show your happiness. The birds and ants will eat the pattern and it will represent your inviting life into your house and living in harmony with all creatures.

Eat sweet pongal, a kind of rice pudding – this is my favourite bit of the festival. Traditionally it is cooked at sunrise,  and the moment the milk boils over and bubbles out of the vessel, the tradition is to shout of “Pongalo Pongal!”, throw in some freshly harvested rice grains in the pot and blow a conch shell. Amazing.

14th December

1911 Roald Amundse first to reach South Pole – we like to throw white sheets over the living room and pretend we’re on a trek to the South Pole. Get all the cuddly penguin toys out! THIS IS THE BEST ARCTIC LUNCH I HAVE EVER SEEN!

1920 Rosemary Sutcliff born – famous for The Eagle of the Ninth series.

2004 Millau Viaduct, world’s tallest bridge, opens

Monkey Day – this is our favourite book for learning about primates (and counting!).

Alabama Day: founded 1819: famous for Peanut butter; Rosa Parks; space rockets.

14th November

Guru Nanak Birthday (2016, founder of Sikhism)

1922 BBC radio service begins – so make a radio station.

1952 the first UK singles chart published

1967 world’s first laser made

1840 Claude Monet – so paint outdoors.

Children’s Day (India)

Day of the Colombian Woman

14th October

1066 Battle of Hastings fought – see an animated Bayeux Tapestry here.

1926 Winnie the Pooh first published

2012 Felix Baumgartner jumps from the stratosphere

Svetitskhovloba (Georgian Orthodox Festival of the Life Giving Pillar Church, which holds Jesus’s mantle or tunic)

Nyerere Day (Tanzania – see 26th April)