20th March

Spring Equinox (2018) celebrated in all different ways:

Chungfen: The Chinese spring equinox celebrates the swallows flying back from Southern China. They stand eggs up, eat spring vegetable soup, eat Tang Yuan and hang tang yuan on bamboo sticks in the fields to keep the sparrows away. They sweep their ancestors’ tombs and worship them with offerings, etc.

Ostara: The olde worlde Germanic Pagan Easter, so decorate eggs:


First Day of Spring: So plant some seeds:


Make a nest out of whatever, yarn, cut grass, cotton wool, etc.

Get rid of that one lone glove left over from winter:

Go on a spring walk and bring a colour-sorting egg box:

Look out for a walking stick to paint:

Make flower cupcakes:



Make mud pies:



Other events today that might inspire your play:

  • 43 B.C. Ovid born
  • World Storytelling Day
  • International Day of Happiness
  • International Francophone Day
  • World Sparrow Day
  • Tunisia Independence Day – see 25th June
  • Novruz Bairam (Turkmen New Year)

19th March

1895 the Lumiere brothers record first footage on the cinematograph – so make a home movie.

1962 Bob Dylan’s first album released

Minna Canth’s Birthday (Finland celebrates female social activist and writer born 1844)

St Joseph’s Day, and Father’s Day in many Catholic countries

17th March

St Patrick’s Day:

We made a treasure hunt hiding gold foil-wrapped sweets at the bottom of paper rainbows blue-tacked around the house.

We built a leprechaun trap and eat green pea soup  with fruit rainbows and ice cream for pudding. Learn about the order of colours in a rainbow, where Ireland is, about the folklore of leprechauns and a bit of Irish dancing for good measure.

Or make a density rainbow:

16th March

Latvian Legion Day (a controversial celebration as the Legion, although it claims to have only fought against Soviet occupation, is associated with the Nazis’ side) – see 18th November.

St Urho’s Day (Finnish Americans) – this figure seems to have appeared in 1950s Minnesota, and chased the grasshoppers away from Finland’s grape crop. See http://www.sainturho.com/

Book Smugglers Day (Lithuania) – the book smugglers sneaked in Latin-alphabet books after Soviet Russia had banned them, allowing only Cyrillic alphabet books.

14th March

Pi Day (3.14) – try these ideas at Scholastic.

White Day (Japan and Korea: girls gave boys chocolates on Valentine’s Day, now the boys give the girls a present back. On Valentine’s Day some women give out Giri choco, or ‘obligation chocolates’, to male coworkers without signifying romantic interest; those men still have to get a present to give back. In China it is the opposite, and now the boys’ turn to receive a gift.)

1885 Gilbert & Sullivan’s Mikado premiers, so listen to the songs or play Mikado the game:


1804 Johann Strauss I born, so listen to the Radetzky March


Other events today to inspire your play:

  • Nanakshahi New Year (Sikhism)
  • Albania Summer Day – see 11th January
  • Liberia Decoration Day – see 26th July
  • St Vincent National Hero’s Day
  • Andorra Constitution Day – see 8th September
  • Estonia Mother Tongue Day – see 23rd June
  • Canberra Day (Australia, 2016) – see 26th January