20th June

National Flag Day (Argentina)/Día de la Bandera Nacional: Make flag (toothpick, post-it note) and stick on map. This is a day for learning to tango and practising your football skills.

Eritrea Martyr’s Day: Eritreans around the world celebrate this day, reminding themselves of the sacrifices made by nearly a quarter of their country’s men and women trying to gain independence from Ethiopia (after British rule abandoned them and the UN said, oh be a federation with Ethiopia as a compromise). Ethiopia loses its access to ports if Eritrea becomes its own country, and they fought about it for 30 years. They celebrate with a lot of songs and poems about the sacrifices made by their people. Older children might be interested in listening to some and trying to write their own.


Dragon Boats Festival: (2015: actually held on the fifth day of the fifth moon). Celebrates the peak of masculine energies with the symbol of the dragon (it’s midsummer, the Sun is masculine, dragons are masculine, it’s all very logical). We make dragon boats out of the bottoms of plastic milk bottles (the six-pinters) and decorate with sweet wrappers and paints; float on sea, pond or stream but fish them out before you go home – no littering! Make or buy Chinese dumplings (zongzi), tell the story of Zhong Kui.

West Virginia founded (1863): famous for lumberjacks, caves, coal mines.

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