2nd July

World UFO Day: can you build a recycled UFO?

1897 Marconi patents radio in London – so make a radio show.

2002 Steve Fossett completes a nonstop round-the-world flight in a hot-air balloon

Bahia (Brazil) Independence Day (from Portugal in 1822, a year later than Brazil). A famous Bahia tradition is wearing wish bracelets.

Curaçao Flag Day: Originally inhabited by Arawak (Carribean) peoples, Spain enslaved the whole lot from 1499. Then the Dutch came and used it as a trade centre and for salt mining.

Sephardic (Spanish) Jews emigrated here and impacted local culture. Slavery made the island a rich place for the colonialists, but Holland banned slavery in 1856.

Oil was found in 1914 and helped a lot. In 1954 Curaçao gained self-government under the Netherlands. It wasn’t until 1984 that they decided on a flag and a national anthem. From January 2014 the Lynx rocketplane will do space tourism.

Make ‘curaçao’ cocktails using blue food colouring.

Hemis Festival: Celebrating the birth of Guru Padmasambhava, who founded Tantric Buddhism in Tibet. Make a mask.



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