5th May

Cinqo de Mayo: or the Day of the Battle of Puebla.

Mexico had just finished fighting America for independence, in which it lost Texas, and a couple of civil wars, and decided not to pay any foreign debt for two years until its economy had recovered.

Britain and Spain popped over but realised the decision was for the best; Napoleon III, however, decided to take the opportunity to build a Latin Empire.

But, even though France was then the world’s top army, Mexico crushed it. This is what’s celebrated on this day.

A year later the French came back and occupied Mexico for three years, but once the US was done with its own civil war, it helped Mexico push them out.

Here are some tips on how to celebrate it.

1865 the first train robbery in the US – so go on a train ride

Kyrgryzstan Constitution Day

Also today:

  • Japan/Korea Children’s Day (in Japan parents put up koinobori flags and serve mochi rice cakes)
  • S. Korea Buddha’s Birthday
  • Europe Day
  • Feast of Al-Khadr/St George (Pakistan)
  • Indian Arrival Day (Guyana – the Indians were brought to work on the sugar plantations by the British in 1838)
  • Netherlands/Denmark Liberation Day (from Nazi Germany)
  • Lusophone Culture Day (Portuguese-speaking)
  • Ethiopia Patriots’ Victory Day (against Italy, 1936-41)
  • Senior Citizens’ Day (Palau)

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