1st May

May Day:

Make a maypole:



Or a mini maypole:



Crown a May queen:


or make a Green Man:


Make May baskets and deliver them secretly to neighbours:





1785 Kingdom of Hawai’i’ formed, so make a lei for Lei Day


1840 Penny Black, the first official stamp, released


1930 Pluto, dwarf planet, named


1931 Empire State Building dedicated


Festa Dei Serpari (Cocullo, Italy, celebrates its patron saint St Dominick by catching snakes, removing their fangs then using them like tinsel decorations on statues of saints).

Other events today:

  • 1948 North Korea established – see 27th December
  • Kazakhstan People’s Unity Day – see 30th August
  • Latvia Constitution Day – see 18th November
  • Marshall Islands Constitution Day
  • Dia del Trabajo (Day of the Worker, Latin America)
  • 1328 Scotland gains independence from England – see 30th November
  • 1707 Scotland and England join up again into Britain
  • 1786 Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro first performed

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