2nd February

Gŵyl Fair y Canhwyllau (Mary’s Festival of the Candles).

Candlemas is said to celebrate Jesus being presented at the temple 40 days after his birth so that Mary could be purified (yep, because women are really dirty for 40 days after childbirth; try to avoid them).

Jesus’ swaddling clothes that he wore on this day are said to be in Dobrovnik Cathedral, Croatia.

In France, if you can flip a crepe while holding a coin in the other hand you’ll be prosperous this year.

In Mexico and Guatemala, this is a big feast of tamales, paid for by the person who received the lucky coin in the king’s cake on 6 Jan.

Try well dressing, or candle making.


Or make a candleholder out of salt dough,

or make a candle out of an orange,

or decorate a pillar candle.

Also, this isn’t much fun for grown-ups but sometimes young children like to help with spring cleaning.


I think Imbolc means ‘in belly’ as all the ewes are pregnant. We are now halfway through winter to spring. Go on a ‘nearly spring’ walk looking for snowdrops and aconites – near us Nymans, and Pembury House.

This family has a lovely tradition of planting a wish garden.

I also love these constellation books.

We decorate tissue/tracing paper, put it around a glass and put a candle in it:


Here are some other Imbolc ideas.


Groundhog Day


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