20th January

1885 L.A. Thompson patents the rollercoaster – so build a rollercoaster for a marble run or toy cars. This one looks great:


1930 Buzz Aldrin born, so maybe build a rocket ship and have a picnic on the moon (moon-cheese sandwiches in circular-cut bread with moon pies)…

… play with moon sand

You could also make a teabag rocket,


rocket snow globes,



kitchen roll rockets,


balloon rockets,

rocket lollies,

paper cup rockets,

cake pop rockets,

rocket ship sandwiches

…  the list is endless.


Þorrablót (2016) – Iceland’s pagan midwinter festival. http://icecook.blogspot.co.uk/2006/01/orrablt-or-thorrablot-icelandic.html


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