17th January

1912 Captain Robert Falcon Scott reaches the South Pole only to find the Norwegians had beaten him to it. On the way home he and his team will die of extreme cold and exhaustion.

Popeye first appears in comic 1929.

1706 Benjamin Franklin born, inventor of the lightning rod, the glass armonica (so try playing on glasses), cooling by evaporation and the idea of paying it forward, being nice to people so they are in a better mood to be nice to others, and many more firsts and ideas.

Minorca’s National Day

Celebrating the day Alfonso III (King of Aragon, Spain) conquered Minorca while it was being ruled by Arabs and sold the Muslims into slavery if they didn’t convert to Christianity.

During the 16th century Turks invaded and settled, and in the 18th century Britain repeatedly invaded until Spain booted us out once and for all in 1802.

Make carquinyolis (like biscotti), pastissets (flower-shaped cookies), flao (a sweet cheese pasty), panellets (almondy sweets served on All Saints’ Day), stuffed aubergine (Minorcans even have aubergine for dessert).

Patras Carnival

Begins in Greece, where they all dress up and go on a treasure hunt. So do a treasure hunt. In January in the UK, holly berries, willow tree buds (fluffy and white like rabbit paws), hazel catkins, viburnum flowers, winter jasmine flowers are all lovely treasure to find on a morning walk. Here’s a treasure chest to make yourself at Dollshouse Miniature Printables.

Congo National Heroes Day – see 30th June


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