7th December

Armenian Earthquake Memorial Day, so learn about earthquakes

Gallileo orbits Jupiter 1995 – so learn about Jupiter.

Delaware founded 1787: very liberal

Bernini born 1598: Bernini’s Baroque marble sculptures are incredible. Can you make ‘marble’ sculptures out of soap?

1732 Royal Opera House, London, opens:  so listen to some opera together or watch a clip from an opera like the Magic Flute, Madame Butterfly, the Barber of Seville, La Treviata, or Carmen.

Dia de las Velitas: From sunset in Colombia it’s the Day of the Little Candles – when people cover everything in candles and lanterns.

La Quema del Diablo: At 6 p.m. people in Guatemala set fire to papier mache devils to symbolise a cleaning out of sins in readiness for the Virgin Mary’s immaculate conception.


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