4th December

1937 first issue of  Dandy

Tupou I Day (Tonga’s first king to rule the whole country, lived 1845-93)

Calendale: In Provence, Christmas celebrations run from 4 December (St Barbara’s Day) to 2 February (Candlemas)! On St Barbara’s Day, it’s traditional in many countries to plant wheat seeds in wet cotton wool. If they grow well by Christmas Day, the next year will be a good harvest; if they’ve rotted, the next year will be a bad wet year for the harvest. On this day Provence people also put up their Christmas tree and their nativity sets, which contain every kind of person you can think of.

Eid il-Burbara: In countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Palestine, St Barbara’s Day is called Eid il-Burbara and is a lot like Hallow’en. Children dress up and people give them sweet foods, like Burbura or Lebanese St Barbara cookies.

Thai Environment Day: What do your kids know about environmentally friendly behaviour, both in their own lives and on a global scale?


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