19th November

1994 National Lottery starts – so play Bingo.

Monaco National Day

The Holy Roman Emperor, Henry VI, granted land to Genoa in 1191 that became Monaco.

In 1297, Francisco Grimaldi captured the fortress on the Rock of Monaco while dressed as a monk (coincidentally monaco in Italian).

He was kicked out and the Grimaldis didn’t gain Monaco until they bought it from the House of Aragon in 1419. They became vassals of the French kings in return for protection against Spain.

In 1793, French Revolutionaries captured Monaco and France owned it until 1814, when the Grimaldis were allowed to return to the throne. They almost immediately became a protectorate of Sardinia.

In 1860 the whole area became French again. The towns of Menton and Roquebrune tried to claim independence from Monaco because of too much tax; Charles III, Prince of Monaco, sold them to France (containing about 95% of Monaco’s population!) for 4 million francs.

He then set up Monte Carlo’s casino and seaside resort to recoup the losses from all that tax. This was so successful Monaco eventually abolished income tax.

In WWII Italy and then Germany invaded and its Jews were deported.

In 1956 Prince Rainier III married Grace Kelly.

Celebrate by making a tiny casino. It sounds terrible, but number recognition and maths play an important part in simple casino games like Blackjack or Bingo.

Also today:

  • Garifuna Settlement Day (in Belize, after being evicted from Grenadine by UK)
  • Discovery of Puerto Rico Day
  • Brazil Flag Day
  • International Men’s Day
  • Telemontecarlo, Europe’s oldest private tv channel, was launched on this day in 1954 – why not make a tv out of a cardboard box and put on your own show?

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