3rd November

1954 Godzilla’s first film

1957 Laika the dog goes into orbit in Sputnik 2


1973 Mariner 10 launched to Mercury

Micronesia Independence Day (from US 1986)


Micronesia is made up of thousands of islands. In the early 20th century they were owned by the US, who had taken a lot of islands from Spain in their war with them in 1898, Germany and the UK. Germany’s islands were seized after WWI and mostly became League of Nations mandates.Today most of the islands are independent.

Also today:

  • Japan Culture Day – see 11th February
  • Dominica Independence Day (from UK 1978)
  • Maldives Victory Day (failed coup from Sri Lanka, 1988) – see 26th July
  • Panama Independence Day (from Colombia in 1903)

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