21st October

1929 Ursula K. Leguin born, so read the Earthsea series.

Trafalgar Day:

On this day in 1805 Nelson beat the 33 Franco-Spanish ships with his 27 ships by inventing a new naval tactic. He was mortally wounded in battle and became a war hero.

Trafalgar Day has not really celebrated in Britain since World War I when we realised war is something horrendous and tragic, but there are still some naval-history places like Birmingham and Portsmouth that hold ceremonies. We pretended to be sailors, with spoons for oars and a washing basket for a boat!

Apple Day (UK) – why not try all the varieties in the grocer’s, talk about the differences in how they look/taste/smell/sound/feel, and maybe find a new favourite.

International Nacho Day

St Ursula’s Day (British Virgin Islands)

Antillean Day (Netherlands Antilles and St Martin)


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