12th October

Columbus Day: In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. San Francisco, with a large Italian-American population, has a Columbus Day parade (although Columbus was working for Queen Isabella of Spain, he was Italian. And he was really called Cristoforo Colombo).

Hawaii celebrates Discoverers’ Day celebrating the Polynesians, and South Dakota celebrates Native American Day; Dia de la Raza or Day of the Race is celebrated in a lot of Latin America. Venezuela celebrates Day of Indigenous Resistance; Spain does Dia de la Hispanidad and Fiesta Nacionale. The Bahamas do Discovery Day. Activities here and here, or try a boat race or do the 10 best Columbus Day crafts.

Fiesta Nacional de España – see 6 December

UN Spanish Language Day – so learn Spanish!

Equatorial Guinea Independence Day (from Spain, 1968)

Simchat Torah (2017): Jews get the Torah out and carries it round the synagogue, and everyone dances and sings.

Also today:

  • Freethought Day (US, commemorating end of Salem witch trials)

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