30th September

1791 Mozart’s Magic Flute debuts – there’s an abridged cartoon here.

1882 Edison’s first hydroelectric power-plant opens in USA

1935 Hoover Dam dedicated

1968 Boeing 747 shown

2004 first video of giant live squid shown

Botswana Day (independence from UK)

Botswana was first inhabited by Bantu people around 200-500 A.D.

In the 19th century, the Tswana inhabitants of Botswana appealed to Britain for help as the Ndebele tribes and Dutch Boer settlers were starting to invade. So Britain took Botswana and called it the Bechuanaland Protectorate. (Actually, when I say the “Tswana inhabitants asked Britain”, I think I mean “The British missionaries working to convert the Tswana inhabitants asked Britain…”) The southern territory became the Cape Colony, now part of South Africa.

Morelo’s Birthday (Mexico founding father – see 16th September)

Blasphemy Day (right to criticise religion on anniversary of Mohammed cartoon)


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