24th September


1870 Georges Claude born (inventor of neon lighting) – here’s how they are made.

1936 Jim Henson born  – so watch The Muppets or Labyrinth or Sesame Street or anything with Kermit and Miss Piggie.

Guinea Bissau National Day (independence from Portugal, 1973)

Guinea Bissau was part of the African Mali empire, then part of the Portuguese Empire, known as the Slave Coast, although the African chiefs (some of whom profited from the slave trade) kept the Portuguese in the coastal ports and didn’t let them inland.

An armed rebellion started in 1956 and quickly got support from the Soviet Union, Cuba, left-leaning African countries, etc. By 1973 they achieved independence. Afterwards the government killed all Guinean soldiers who’d fought on the side of the Portuguese and eventually managed democratic elections in 1994.

Also today:

  • S. Africa Heritage Day
  • New Caledonia Day
  • Cambodia Constitution Day – see 9th November
  • Trinidad and Tobago Republic Day – see 31st August
  • Thailand Mahidol Day (founder of modern Thai medicine) – see 5th December

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