12th September

1906 Newport Transporter Bridge opens

1910 Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 8 premiers

1940 Lascaux cave paintings discovered – make your own cave art. You will need:

  • A wall, a rock or a brown paper bag for drawing on.
  • Charcoal – either shop-bought or homemade – wrap willow sticks in tinfoil and burying it under the burning sticks in a small fire.
  • Mud paint!
  • Berries paint!

Cape Verde National Day

Portuguese explorers found these uninhabited islands in 1456, and it became the first European settlement in the tropics (around the equator).

Its economy was initially based on the slave trade, and when that stopped it became a stopping point for ships in the Atlantic to restock.

It joined with Soviet-supported nationalists in Portuguese Guinea to war against Portugal. They gained independence in 1975.

It has very few natural resources, and only half of the 10 islands support agriculture. 90% of all food is imported.


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