8th September

Andorra National Day

Charles the Great gave the Andorran people their own rule as thanks for fighting against the Moors (Muslims around Sicily/Malta in the Middle Ages). Andorra is owned by the Bishop of Urgell in Catalonia.

In 1095 the Bishop asked the Lord of Caboet to offer military protection to Andorra in exchange for part-ownership. Several generations and marriages later, in 1278, there was a dispute about ownership, and a new ownership agreement was signed with the French Count of Foix. Now Andorra is part-owned by the Bishop of Urgell and the French head of state. This makes it the world’s only co-principality, where it is rules by two ‘princes’ living in different countries.

In WWI Andorra declared war against Germany but didn’t actually take part in the fighting. This led to it being kind of forgotten in the Treaty of Versailles, which meant it was still technically at war (officially ‘belligerent’) until 1948!

Its economy is mainly based on skiing tourism

Nativity of Our Lady (Liechtenstein) – see 15th August

Macedonia Independence Day (from Yugoslavia, 1991) – see 2nd August

Malta Victory Day/ Our Lady of Victories Day – see 13th December

Micronesia Liberation Day – see 10th May

First day of Fiestas de Santa Fe, New Mexico (celebrating the reconquest of the area from the Pueblo Indians by Spanish colonists in 1692)

Jeûne genevois (2016, Geneva fasts; the day is symbolised by plum tart)


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