10th July

1856 Nikola Tesla born – so learn about AC/DC electricity, the Tesla coil, or electricity in general:

Static electricity:

Or make a lemon battery.

Bahamas Independence Day (from UK, 1973)


Taino people moved to the Bahamas around the 11th century from Hispaniola (Haiti/Dominican Republic) and Cuba and became the Lucayans. When Colombus arrived in 1492 there were 30,00 Lucayans there. The Spanish moved the Lucayans to Hispaniola and used them as slaves. Half died from smallpox.

The Bahamas became a haven for pirates, including the infamous Blackbeard, so to stop piracy Britain made the Bahamas a crown colony. After American Independence, Britain let a load of Americans who’d been loyal to Britain (Loyalists) settle in the Bahamas with their slaves.

In 1807 we abolished slaves and the Royal Navy intercepted slave ships on their way to America and liberated them on the Bahamas. Which is nice.

The islands became self-governing in 1964, and became fully independent on this day 1974. Queen Elizabeth II is still its queen. Its national animals are the marlin and the flamingo; the national sport is cricket.

They have street parades called Junkanoos, and a beach with pink sand!

Have a pretend tropical holiday! Make a pirate treasure chest. Drink tropical drinks in the sandpit:



1890 Wyoming State founded


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