3rd July

1886 Karl Benz patents the Benz Motorwagen, the world’s first car designed to be powered by a motor. His wife, Bertha Benz, took it on a tour of Germany, inventing the first filling station (buying oil from a pharmacy), the first brake pads (asking a shoemaker to nail some leather to the brakes) and generally being a go-getter. The country still celebrates her journey every two years on the Bertha Benz Memorial Route.


1996: the Stone of Scone returned to Scotland.


1890 Idaho State founded. It’s famous for its potatoes. I’m not kidding.


Belarus Independence Day

Belorussia, White Russia, is a term from when the Tsar was ‘Tsar of All Russia’, the Great Russia (where Russians were native), the Little Russia (now Ukraine) and the White Russia (Belarus). Perhaps they had whiter skin or wore white clothes, it’s not sure. This got a bit confusing during the Russian Revolution when the White Russians were also the military force trying to crush the communist Reds.

Belarus is 40% forest. Its national dish is draniki – potato pancakes.


Vartavar (2016, a big water fight in Armenia, 14 weeks after Easter – so have a water fight!)


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