7th June

1868 Charles Rennie Mackintosh born – so try some stained glass activities. You can use wax paper:

or tissue paper and black card:


1965 Damien Hirst born – Hirst’s work has to be fascinating for kids, as it deals with death in such an interesting way. The BBC has a selection of his art here. What do your kids think? Is it art? Does it inspire them?

1975 the first Cricket World Cup starts in Britain – so have a go at playing cricket.

Other events today:

  • Anniversary of the Memorandum of the Slovak Nation – see 17th July
  • Peru’s Flag Day – see 28th July
  • Union Dissolution Day [of Norway and Sweden in 1905]
  • Sette Giugno Day (Malta remembers 7 June 1919, when British troops fired on rioters, killing four. They had rioted because the colonial government had not helped the people to afford food; the cost of living was too high.) – see 13th December

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