1st June

1831 James Clark Ross discovers the magnetic north pole

1843 Henry Faulds developed fingerprinting – if it’s a nice day out why not do the messy stuff outdoors?

Childrens Day
Celebrated in Abania, Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Russia and other former Soviet or Communist states, Kosovo, Myanmar, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nicuragua, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal and former colonies, Romania, Slovakia, and Vietnam. In America it’s all over the place but often the first Sunday in June.

In Bulgaria drivers put their lights on all day to symbolise vigilance for children’s safety. In other countries, it is celebrated with birthday-style presents, parades, fun activities, kids movies, camping trips, field trips to zoos or museums.

Other events today:

  • 1974 the Heimlich Manoeuvre published
  • 1926 Marilyn Monroe born
  • Madaraka Day (Kenya celebrates its internal self-rule prior in 1963 to its independence from the UK on this day)
  • Kentucky (founded 1792): Fried chicken, cheese burgers, bourbon whisky and tobacco; Happy Birthday to You was written here; post-it notes are made here; the first electric light was switched on here; Middlesboro (my home town is Middlesbrough) is here in a meteor crater.
  • Tennessee founded (1796): formed the Klu Klux Klan and assassinated Martin Luther King in Memphis; rock and roll; Memphis blues; rockabilly; Dollywood and Graceland.

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