25th April

1719 Robinson Crusoe published

1983 Samantha Smith is invited to the Soviet Union by its leader Yuri Andropov – just read about her and feel inspired!

DNA Day (celebrating Watson & Crick’s publication of the structure of DNA). The blog above is really good.

Other events today that might inspire your play:

  • 1599 Oliver Cromwell born
  • Anzac Day (commemorates Australia and New Zealand Army Corps who died fighting WWI)
  • Sinai Liberation Day (Egypt: celebrates Israeli withdrawal from Sinai in 1982)
  • Faroe Islands Flag Day
  • Italy Liberation Day (by Allies from Mussolini’s socialist republic in 1945)
  • Portugal Freedom Day (from the Estado Novo in 1974, a right-wing Catholic oppressive government)
  • North Korea Military Foundation Day (North Korea’s army is the largest military organisation in the world, with nearly 9.5 million soldiers)
  • Red Hat Society Day (a social group for over-50s women in America, who wear purple with a red hat, like the Jenny Joseph poem)
  • Swaziland Flag Day
  • First Day of Summer (Iceland 2013, first Thursday after 18 April)

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