19th April

Dutch-American Friendship Day – John Adams, later the second president of the US, made his Dutch house the first American embassy in the world; many states hold a Tulip Festival around this time, so maybe decorate a vase especially for tulips, or make origami tulips;

another idea is to have poffertjes for pudding.

Primrose Day (UK anniversary of Benjamin Disraeli’s death; his statue and grave are strewn with primroses on this day) – so go on a walk to hunt for them. Primroses are fairy flowers. If you touch a fairy rock with the right number of primroses in a posy you will be shown the way to fairyland. The wrong number leads to certain doom though. Children used to eat the flowers (they are edible) in the belief that this would enable them to see fairies. This video shows you how to crystalise them.

Other events that might inspire your play today:

  • Kiribati National Health Day: where everyone takes the day off to play sports and relax
  • Swaziland Birthday of King Mswati III Uruguay
  • Landing of the 33 Patriots (exiled Uruguyan fighters returned to kick the Brazillian government out and claim independence)
  • Venezuela ’19 April Day’, celebrating the first Junta (military government) in Latin America, the First Republic of Venezuela and the struggle for independence. See 5th July for more ideas.

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