8th April

Hanamatsuri Flower Festival (Buddha’s Birthday, Japan) – we have a statue of Buddha so gave him a flower for his birthday; you can also make origami kimonos or haikus.

Draw A Bird Day

Day of the Roma – why not make a gypsy caravan out of a shoe box, with inspiration here,




and here.

I’m thinking we could open out a Pringles tube for the curved roof.


Hindu New Year (2016), called Ugadi, Gudi Padwa, Cheiraoba, Chaitii, Chaitra Pratiprada. This celebrates the anniversary of the God Brahmin creating the world.

Attuvela Mahotsavam (Hindu festival in Kerala, India, 2016: According to legend, it is the welcome ceremony for the Goddess of Kodungalloor, who comes to visit her sister, the Goddess of Elamkavu. The Goddess Bhagavathy is the presiding deity in this small temple. During the two-day Attuvela, beautifully illuminated canoes, carrying a huge replica of the temple, sail down the waters accompanied by hordes of colourfully decorated small canoes and temple percussion music.)



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