25th March

Earth Hour: (2017) 8.30 p.m. to 9.30p.m. Sign up with the WWF to turn off your lights for an hour. As this is after the kids go to bed, me and the Toddler decided to just not use electricity all day.

This is nearly impossible. In the first two hours of our pact I’d used the hoover, microwave, bottle steriliser, and kettle. In fact my main contributions to this effort was skipping my morning cup of tea (I folded at 4pm. Turns out I’m addicted to tea like any sensible British person.) and serving salad for dinner. Let’s hope next year is more successful.

Good Friday (2016): This is the day Jesus died on the cross. Traditionally marbles,

bat-and-trap (a ball is balanced on a little seesaw, or trap. The batter hits the seesaw so the ball flies into the air, then hits it again to get it in the goal – over and in between two 7ft high posts – where the bowling team are waiting to catch it. If, when the bowling team bowl it back, they can knock over a little wicket in front of the trap, the bowler is out),

tipcat (tipping a little stick into the air with a big stick, then walloping it again like a bat and ball. The opponent offers points based on how many jumps one would have to do to reach the little stick. The tipper can refuse if they think it is more jumps away, but they must prove it)

and skipping are played on this day.

Baked hot cross buns were believed to have magical powers. They were broken into four and put in the four corners of the barn to ensure a good harvest, or a few crumbs were put in medicine when someone was ill.


Maryland Day: so make cookies or read Edgar Allen Poe.

Tolkien Reading Day: You know what you have to do.

Waffle Day (Sweden) – Because Vårfrudagen (“Our Lady’s Day”) sounds a bit like Våffeldagen (waffle day). Nine months before Christmas, Mary fell pregnant, hence today is Our Lady’s Day or the Annunciation. So eat waffles!

Or go to the library and find out… where do babies come from?

Heck, why not get Mary out of the nativity set and throw her a baby shower!

Greek Independence Day (celebrating the symbolic outbreak of the War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire in 1821) – see 28 October for history and activities.

Belarus Freedom Day – see 3rd July

Palm Sunday (2016) and the beginning of Holy Week


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