24th March

Earth Hour: (2018) 8.30 p.m. to 9.30p.m. Sign up with the WWF to turn off your lights for an hour. As this is after the kids go to bed, me and the Toddler decided to just not use electricity all day.

This is nearly impossible. In the first two hours of our pact I’d used the hoover, microwave, bottle steriliser, and kettle. In fact my main contributions to this effort was skipping my morning cup of tea (I folded at 4pm. Turns out I’m addicted to tea like any sensible British person.) and serving salad for dinner. Let’s hope next year is more successful. Here’s 9 fun things to try.

1944 – the actual Great Escape happens when 27 Allied prisoners begin their escape from Stalag-Luft III.

Holi (2016) – so definitely have a powder paint fight. Here’s how to make your own colours.

Purim (2016) – try these videos.


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