14th March

Pi Day (3.14) – try these ideas at Scholastic.

White Day (Japan and Korea: girls gave boys chocolates on Valentine’s Day, now the boys give the girls a present back. On Valentine’s Day some women give out Giri choco, or ‘obligation chocolates’, to male coworkers without signifying romantic interest; those men still have to get a present to give back. In China it is the opposite, and now the boys’ turn to receive a gift.)

1885 Gilbert & Sullivan’s Mikado premiers, so listen to the songs or play Mikado the game:

1804 Johann Strauss I born, so listen to the Radetzky March

Commonwealth Day (2016)

Adelaide Cup Day (horse racing) (2016, 2nd Monday in March)

Other events today to inspire your play:

  • Nanakshahi New Year (Sikhism)
  • Albania Summer Day – see 11th January
  • Liberia Decoration Day – see 26th July
  • St Vincent National Hero’s Day
  • Andorra Constitution Day – see 8th September
  • Estonia Mother Tongue Day – see 23rd June
  • Canberra Day (Australia, 2016) – see 26th January

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