16th February

1923 Howard Carter unseals Tutankhamen’s tomb – these children did some great Ancient Egypt activities!

We chose a teddy bear to be mummified. First we checked teddy with Baby’s doctor’s kit (“What would you use to find out whether he’s alive or dead?” – “Listen to his heartbeat!”).

Then we made a Playdo liver, lungs, heart, intestines and stomach and arranged them on the teddy.

Then we used the remaining pots of Playdo to make the canopic jars, moulding Playdo heads onto the lids of each Playdo pot.

The jackal keeps the stomach, the falcon keeps the lower intestines, the human-headed god keeps the liver, and the baboon keeps the lungs.

After we’d removed the organs except the heart, and mimed scooping out teddy’s brains through his nose, we wrapped teddy in toilet tissue and then made him a sarcophagus out of a paper bag (you could use a cardboard box too), decorating an Egyptian teddy death mask on it with blue and gold pens.

This was a great history and biology lesson combined!

2005 Kyoto Protocol comes into effect, trying to reduce emissions and man-made climate change. Here’s a website for kids on climate change; or try an experiment about water pollution.

Kim Jong-il’s Birthday (see 27 December)

Lithuania Restoration of the State Day (1918) – see 11th March.


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