25th April

1983 Samantha Smith is invited to the Soviet Union by its leader Yuri Andropov – just read about her and feel inspired!


DNA Day (celebrating Watson & Crick’s publication of the structure of DNA). The blog above is really good.


Other events today that might inspire your play:

1599 Oliver Cromwell born

Anzac Day (commemorates Australia and New Zealand Army Corps who died fighting WWI)

Sinai Liberation Day (Egypt: celebrates Israeli withdrawal from Sinai in 1982)

Faroe Islands Flag Day

Italy Liberation Day (by Allies from Mussolini’s socialist republic in 1945)

Portugal Freedom Day (from the Estado Novo in 1974, a right-wing Catholic oppressive government)

North Korea Military Foundation Day (North Korea’s army is the largest military organisation in the world, with nearly 9.5 million soldiers)

Red Hat Society Day (a social group for over-50s women in America, who wear purple with a red hat, like the Jenny Joseph poem)

Swaziland Flag Day

First Day of Summer (Iceland 2013, first Thursday after 18 April)

24th April

1184 B.C. the Fall of Troy – we found these very inspiring Lego videos with inpenetrable castles for Troy, dramatic battles and Trojan horses that Lego men can hide in for the Greeks


Other events that might inspire your play today:

National Concord Day (end of 1990 rebellion in Niger)

Nepal Democracy Day

Kapyong Day (the UN, mainly Australia and Canada, defended South Korea against China in the Battle of Kapyong in 1951)

Gambia Republic Day

World Day for Laboratory Animals.

23rd April

St George’s Day:

We made a finger puppet show and dressed one of Baby’s teddy bears up as St George (cardboard helmet, sword, shield, and horse. I meant to make him a little chainmail top out of an old teatowel but didn’t get round to it.)


The story goes that a dragon lived near a village and brought plague and devastation on the inhabitants unless they appeased him with sheep and, when that didn’t work, children chosen by lottery. One day the king’s daughter was chosen in the lottery. The king offered the village his wealth to try and dissuade them; but the princess had to go.

St George turned up, luckily, and captured the dragon. He brought it back to the village (who I assume were all like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”) and said he’d kill the dragon if they all converted to Christianity. They did so he did. The End.

What about strapping on some pillows and a helmet and trying some jousting (using a parent as a horse?). He is also the patron saint of Turkey, so they celebrate Turkey National Sovereignty and Children’s Day.


Other events that might inspire your play today:

World Book Day (except in the UK cos we’re awkward)

Funafuti Bomb Day (Tuvalu): In WWII 680 people took refuge in the concrete walled, thatched-roofed church from a Japanese bombing raid. Fortunately an American soldier persuaded them to get into dugouts, as a bomb struck the building shortly after.

22nd April

Earth Day – try some of these websites on environmentalism for kids. Step one is: does your kid know which planet she lives on, and what it looks like? Here’s some crafts to help:

Explore nature around you – bring a pooter and a magnifying glass.

You can collect some food for eating e.g., dandelions!

Step two is, how to be more environmentally friendly. I don’t particularly care whether you believe in man-made global warming: pollution is bad. Using up resources and destroying biodiversity is bad. And the solution is simple: consume less. So talk about how to use, buy and waste less. We learnt about where our landfill goes, and how glass, aluminium and plastic are recycled.


1876 the first ever National League baseball played - so play baseball.

Discovery Day (Brazil)

21st April

753 BC Rome founded - try these Roman online games.

1934 the ‘Surgeon’s Photo’ of Nessie published – so go on a monster hunt. What kind of a monster would live near you?

Grounation Day: Rastafarians celebrate the Emperor of Ethiopia’s (who they thought was Jesus’ Second Coming) arrival in Jamaica on this day 1966.

Heroica Defensa de Veracruz (Mexico defended Veracruz against US in 1914);

1960 Inauguration of Brasilia, capital of Brazil

Kartini Day (Indonesia) – Kartini was an aristrocratic girl who fought hard for Indonesian women’s rights;

San Jacinto Day (Texas celebrates its liberation from Mexico in 1836)

Tiradentes (Brazil) – Joaquim Xavier led a liberation movement called Inconfidencia Mineira. The movement was meant to gain complete freedom from Portuguese rule.

20th April


So… do an Easter egg hunt:

Decorate your eggs!

I sadly love these bunny napkins:

Definitely make an Easter tree:

Have an egg and spoon race or an egg rolling race.

Make an Easter bonnet:

Make Easter bread:

and Easter nests (with peeps):



1951 Romanian surgeon Dan Gavriliu performs the first human organ replacement – so play Operation!


UN Chinese Language Day – so learn Chinese or try Chinese calligraphy.

Ridvan begins (Baha’i faith): a 12-day festival celebrating Baha’ullah becoming a prophet. Baha’ullah stayed for 12 days in the Garden of Ridvan outside Baghdad after the Ottoman Empire exiled him.

19th April

Dutch-American Friendship Day – John Adams, later the second president of the US, made his Dutch house the first American embassy in the world; many states hold a Tulip Festival around this time, so maybe decorate a vase especially for tulips, or make origami tulips;

another idea is to have poffertjes for pudding.


Primrose Day (UK anniversary of Benjamin Disraeli’s death; his statue and grave are strewn with primroses on this day)

- so go on a walk to hunt for them. Primroses are fairy flowers. If you touch a fairy rock with the right number of primroses in a posy you will be shown the way to fairyland. The wrong number leads to certain doom though. Children used to eat the flowers (they are edible) in the belief that this would enable them to see fairies.


Other events that might inspire your play today:

Kiribati National Health Day: where everyone takes the day off to play sports and relax

Swaziland Birthday of King Mswati III

Uruguay Landing of the 33 Patriots (exiled Uruguyan fighters returned to kick the Brazillian government out and claim independence)

Venezuela ’19 April Day’, celebrating the first Junta (military government) in Latin America, the First Republic of Venezuela and the struggle for independence