14th September

1741 Handel completes his ‘Messiah

1995 Body Worlds opes in Tokyo

Hindi Day (language formally adopted by Indian parliament, 1949) – find out your name here.

Battle of San Jacinto (Nicaragua, 1856)

National Grandparents Day (2014, 2nd Sunday, US, Canada, Estonia)

Turkmen Bakhshi (2014, 2nd Sunday, Turkmenistan culture celebrated)

11th September

1921 first moshav, or Jewish settlement, appears in Palestine to become part of Israel

1961 World Wildlife Fund founded

2001 Al-Qaeda attack on the World Trade Centre (US Patriot Day)

Nayrouz (Coptic New Year)/Enkutatash (Ethiopia)

National Day of Catalonia

1st day of Thoth (ancient Egypt)

Jeûne genevois (2014, Geneva fasts; the day is symbolised by plum tart)

10th September

2008 the Large Hadron Collider is powered up - try the BBC resources.


Amerindian Heritage Day (Guyana)


St George’s Caye Day (British colonists in Belize defeated Spanish in 1798)


Gibraltar National Day:

Gibraltar belongs to Britain officially, after we and the Dutch took it from Spain in 1704. Spain still isn’t happy about it (as you can see, it is technically part of Spain), but the Gibraltans voted to stay British. They keep control of most of their own laws and stuff; we just look after their defence.

Gibraltar is famous for having the only wild monkey colony in Europe – Barbary macaques, who love to eat out of tourists’ hands.

8th September

Andorra National Day

Nativity of Our Lady (Leichtenstein)

Macedonia Independence Day (from Yugoslavia, 1991)

Malta Victory Day/ Our Lady of Victories Day

Micronesia Liberation Day

First day of Fiestas de Santa Fe, New Mexico (celebrating the reconquest of the area from the Pueblo Indians by Spanish colonists in 1692)