1st October

1946 Mensa founded in UK - there’s a kids’ IQ test here.

1969 Concorde breaks sound barrier – you know you gotta make paper aeroplanes!

Thimphu Drubchen (sacred masked dance in Bhutan to appease the protecting deity, Pelden Lhamo – try making a Bhutan mask)

China National Day (see 30 November)

Cyprus Independence Day (from UK, 1960)

Hong Kong National Day

Nigeria Independence Day (from UK, 1960)

Palau Independence Day (from UN Trust Territory Status, 1994 – see 24 November)

Tuvalu Days (Independence from UK, 1960)

World Vegetarian Day

30th September

Mozart’s Magic Flute debuts

Edison’s first hydroelectric power-plant opens in USA

1935 Hoover Dam dedicated

Boeing 747 shown

2004 first video of giant live squid shown

Botswana Day (independence from UK)

Morelo’s Birthday (Mexico founding father)

Blasphemy Day (right to criticise religion on anniversary of Mohammed cartoon)

29th September

1885 the first public tram opens in Blackpool;

1571 Caravaggio born;

Michaelmas, feast of the Archangels: traditional food on this day is the St Michael’s Bannock.

International Coffee Day – make a big coffee cart for your kid (above) or a little one for their dolls.

Inventors’ Day (Argentina)

World Heart Day - learn more about your heart here.

27th September

1825 Stockton-Darlington Railway opens – here’s some train activities:

and here’s snacks and party games!

1998 Google ‘born’

Also today:

  • End of the War of Independence (Mexico)
  • French Community Holiday (Belgium)

26th September

1898 George Gershwin born – famous for ‘Rhapsody in Blue’, ‘I Got Rhythm’, ‘Fascinating Rhythm’, ‘Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off’, ‘They All Laughed’, and ‘They Can’t Take That Away From Me’.

New Zealand Dominion Day – famous for its indigenous Maoris, and their haka war dance at rugby games. It was the first place in the world to grant women the vote. There are about ten times more sheep than humans in New Zealand! It’s so anti-nuclear that nuclear-powered ships can not land in their harbours.

European Day of Languages – here’s 10 ways to celebrate.

Also today:

  • Ecuador National Flag Day
  • Yemen Revolution Day